Our favourite Valentine’s Day destinations

Fancy a change of scenery this Valentine’s Day? Check out our destinations, which are the unabashed epitome of love and romance, and treat your other half to an unforgettable getaway!
Our favourite Valentine’s Day destinations


Paris, the city of light, is also THE city of love and its romantic sights, elegant cityscape and knock-out monuments, without forgetting its stunning cultural heritage, continue to charm and delight lovers from all over the world.
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Celebrate your love in the heart of the city of the Doges! Admire the city’s iconic sights alongside the Grand Canal onboard a vaporetto, before treating yourself to a more intimate moment as you cuddle up on a gondola.
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Vienna, home to the Imperial House of Habsburg for over six centuries, invites couples to travel back in time through palaces, museums, cafes, balls, waltzes and horse-drawn carriages…
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Florence will enchant lovers as they stand on the Ponte Vecchio gazing at the River Arno and stroll hand in hand around its lively, picturesque districts, steeped in authentic charm. Art and culture lovers will be in paradise thanks to the city’s countless museums and world-famous art collections.
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Rome is the chance to explore the cradle of western civilisation and appreciate the city’s immense historic and cultural heritage first-hand. (Re)discover the iconic Trevi fountain, the Coliseum, the Vatican and Piazza del Campidoglio in the company of your loved one.
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First savour the medieval ambience that reigns in the “Old Town”, as you admire its monuments and microbreweries. Then take a change of scenery and explore the “New Town”, home to numerous UNESCO heritage sites.
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With its maze of canals lined by stunning churches and quaint brick houses weathered by time, Bruges fully deserves its title of “Venice of the North”. Its historic centre is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Anyone who’s had enough of traffic jams will be enchanted to spend a few days in the Dutch capital. Rent a bicycle and explore the city’s picturesque urbanscape: canals, floating districts, Baroque brick mansions…
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Barcelona offers a striking contrast between Gothic palaces, churches and narrow lanes and Gaudi’s extravagant 20th century masterpieces. This explosive cultural shock will leave you reeling, as the city casts its spell leaving you forever bewitched.
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A top European destination of late, Lisbon will make your romantic getaway unforgettable! Modern and cosmopolitan, Lisbon is a treasure trove of surprises and losing oneself in its winding streets and steep staircases never fails to enchant all who come here.
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