Loading your vehicle

Succeeding in taking all of your luggage on holiday is a challenge. And that's without factoring in bikes, beach stuff, cool boxes and games of all kinds. Not everything will fit in the boot. Here ar eour tips for driving safely and efficiently.
Loading your vehicle
  • Ensure your load and occupants never exceeds the permissable gross vehicle weight (GVWR). The value is indicated in your owner’s manual.
  • For greater efficiency, opt for a rear mounted or tow bar mounted cycle rack rather than a roof mounted one.
  • Load your bulkiest items at the bottom of the boot and the lightest on top.
  • Don’t place hard and heavy objects on the back shelf or install a partition grille to avoid projections.
  • Deflate all balls for easier storage.
  • Don’t place large luggage behind the front seats to avoid any interference with the model’s anti-whiplash system in the event of an accident to the rear.
  • When using a trailer, never exceed the maximum authorised mass (MAM) for the car + trailer combination. This figure will be indicated in your owner’s manual.