How to get rid of dog and cat hair in the car?

You love your four-legged friends, but what you don't love is all the hair they leave behind every time you take them out for a drive! Michelin offers tips on how you can prevent dog and cat hair from invading your seats and how to easily get rid of it.
How to get rid of dog and cat hair in the car?


Vacuuming is a quick and effective way to remove pet hair in your car. Choose the thinnest nozzle so that you can fit it into all those small crevices that hair often tends to collect. Take the carpets out and brush them vigorously. You can use your hoover at home or go to a car wash with a powerful vacuum cleaner.

Brush your seats

You can also clean your seats by hand with a brush or a lint roller, which is an ideal way to capture hair. Another option is wiping down the seats with a slightly damp cloth. Finally, you can put on a pair of rubber gloves and rub cleaning pads in a circular motion: this will form balls of hair that you can throw away. The advantage of brushing seats by hand is that you can easily slide your fingers in between the seats.

Brush your pet

To prevent your dog or cat from leaving hair on the back seat, brush them before you head out to remove any unwanted loose hair. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll appreciate finding your seats and rugs almost completely clean! Brushing is a good way to keep your pet free of parasites and sores, and it also prevents them from ingesting too much hair when licking themselves.

Use a carrier

When travelling with a small dog or cat, use a pet carrier in your car. It not only ensures the safety of your animal but also solves the issue of hair. Of course, a few clumps of hair will undoubtedly escape through the crate’s openings during the seasonal moulting season (autumn and spring), but at least the mess is kept at a minimum!

Protect your seats

There’s no reason to keep a large German Shepherd or Labrador in a crate when you go out for a drive. Instead, protect your seats with covers or even a simple drop sheet. After the journey, you can easily take out the cover and shake it in the open air vigorously to remove loose hairs. For added cleanliness, toss the seat covers in a washing machine and let them dry.

Prevention is better than a cure: by using these tips, you can transport your pet in the best possible hygienic conditions and avoid the build-up of hair. It will make your job easier when it comes time to clean your car!