How to check the safety of your automobile before going on vacation

Given that close to 97% of trips away are made by car, automobile safety has never been more important. Here is a short roundup of some of the things you should check before going on the road this summer.
How to check the safety of your automobile before going on vacation

Check glass surfaces

The front and rear windshields and side-view mirrors should be free from any cracks or scratches that could pave the way for more serious breakages. Before going on a long trip is also a good time to ensure that they are perfectly clean. As for windshield wipers, these should be checked to see that they are fully functional and do not leave marks. Do not hesitate to change them if you have any doubts.

Check basic equipment

Headlamps, turn signals, horns and air conditioning systems should also be in perfect working order. So too should be GPS navigation equipment, which may need to be updated.

Look under the hood

Ahead of any long trips, and certainly before leaving on vacation, it is vital to check the levels of motor oil, coolants, brake fluid, and washer fluid.

… and underneath the automobile

Along with tire pressure, you should also check wheel fixings and the stability of the entire exhaust system under the car.

Finally, get a professional opinion if you have any doubts about the road-worthiness of your vehicle, ideally with an appointment at a garage for a comprehensive safety check a few days before leaving on vacation.