Getting ready for winter

Rain, cold, snow – for your safety, treat your car to a check-up and adapt your driving to winter weather conditions!
Getting ready for winter

Change your tyres

Fitting your vehicle with winter tyres makes driving safer in low temperatures because they improve:

  • Driveability or handling.
  • Road holding.
  • Braking distances.

In some countries, winter tyres are compulsory. Make sure you comply with local regulations if you are driving in Europe.

Warning: you are strongly advised to fit 4 winter tyres to maintain greater control of your vehicle and guarantee your safety; with only two winter tyres fitted to the driving axle, you only ensure your handling on pulling away and your vehicle’s road holding can thus be impaired in winter weather conditions.

Tyre pressure drops when temperatures drop, so check your tyre pressure every month during the winter.

Check the basics

In winter, make sure:

  • Your windscreen washer reservoir is full.
  • Your battery is charged.
  • The front and rear defrosters and vehicle’s heating system all operate correctly.
  • The windscreen wipers and lights all operate correctly.
  • Your spare tyre is properly inflated.

Should you have any doubts, ask a professional to service your vehicle.

Be ready in case of an emergency

If you find yourself stuck in cold weather, make sure you have the following on board your vehicle:

  • First-aid kit.
  • Food and water.
  • Blankets and warm clothing.

Plan your journey

Weather forecasts and traffic updates can help you avoid dangerous conditions and reduce your travel time: consult ViaMichelin.

Clean your vehicle

Before setting off, clear your vehicle of snow and ice. Residual snow can fly off and reduce your visibility and that of other motorists. Pay particular attention to headlights, windows and side mirrors, which should be clean and free of snow and ice.

Drive carefully

In bad weather, reduce your speed, allow for longer braking distances and avoid accelerating or braking suddenly.
In case of poor visibility, switch on dipped-beam headlights.