Car cleaning step by step

Car maintenance is essential to keep it in good condition, but also to ensure safe driving, particularly keep the windows and lights especially clean. Which parts should be cleaned and in what order? What products and equipment should you use? Follow this guide!
Car cleaning step by step

First step: the engine

  • Open the bonnet.
  • Remove accumulated leaves and debris by hand.
  • Protect the electrical parts with a plastic bag.
  • Wash with clear water without pressure or with a specific product.
  • Allow it to dry before closing the bonnet.

Tip: In order to clean the vehicle thoroughly, it is helpful to start by carefully inspecting it. You can spot this way any scratches, tar particles or particularly dirty areas.

Second step: The wheels

Clean each rim with a brush, using a commercial cleaning product and not forgetting to scrub the wheel arch, then rinse thoroughly with a jet or high-pressure washer.

Third step: the bodywork

Firstly, remove the floor mats, take care not to drop any dirt that has accumulated inside the vehicle. Next, prepare the equipment for your washing equipment: a bucket of water with car shampoo, a bucket of clean water for rinsing the equipment, a wash mitt, a microfibre towel.

Tip: use buckets with a “grit guard”, a sort of grid at the bottom that prevents dirt from mixing in with the water each time you dip the mitt.

  • Soak the wash mitt in soapy water.
  • Start with the roof and work your way down to the underbody.
  • Rinse the mitt regularly in clean water.
  • Rinse the entire vehicle with a water jet, or better yet, with a high-pressure washer (without bringing the nozzle closer than 20 centimetres to the bodywork), not forgetting the underside.
  • Dry the bodywork with the slightly damp towel and polish, wringing it out as often as necessary.
  • Wipe the area around the open doors and boot with a clean cloth.

Tip: You can replace this step with a waterless wash, which is more environmentally friendly.

Fourth step: The interior

After the exterior of the car has been cleaned, it is time to move on to the interior. A powerful hoover vacuum is recommended for this purpose.

  • Start with the front, moving the seats as far back as possible and tilting them back to vacuum the area between the backrest and the seats.
  • When you have finished with the front, straighten the seats and push them as far forward as possible, then move on to the rear of the car.
  • Vacuum the boot.
  • Spray the dashboard and plastic parts with a suitable cleaner and wipe with a microfiber cloth.
  • Finish by cleaning the windows and windscreen (outside and inside) with a suitable product applied to a microfibre cloth.

Doing this regularly, using appropriate products, means that you don’t have to spend too much time on it and you’ll have a car that is pleasant to look at as well as drive.