Application ViaMichelin: for happy motoring!

Whether you’re preparing for day to day trips or for the holidays, use the ViaMichelin app to find services that are not only useful, but which also offer peace of mind and the pleasure of discovery.
Application ViaMichelin: for happy motoring!

Michelin maps and satellite

Establish your position with geolocation on our different interactive maps and plans: Michelin map, lite maps, satellite and aerial maps and all new 3D mapping in navigation mode.

Routes with numerous options

Calculate your car, motorcycle, cycle or pedestrian routes quickly and accurately from your current position, your own address or a contact address:

  • Multiple routes available, with journey time based on traffic, distance to travel, estimated costs (tolls, vignettes, fuel cost based on vehicle type).
  • Customise your fuel consumption to calculate the cost of your trip. Refine this cost by specifying the model of your car in order to receive a specific consumption calculation.
  • Customise your journey through route options: the shortest route, the quickest, cheapest, Michelin recommended, or discovery route.
  • Check the roadmap featuring all the key stages of your journey.

Travel costs

Optimise your travel budget by customising your journey costs using your vehicle’s data. Nothing could be simpler! Go to your Michelin account, fill in your vehicle’s data in just a few clicks and hey, presto!

Fuel price

Find the cheapest petrol station along or nearby your route. Fuel prices are available for each petrol station in France, Italy and Spain.

Free GPS

Benefit from a real-time and customisable GPS navigation system:

  • Guidance based around 3D MICHELIN mapping.
  • GPS with simple and precise voice guidance.
  • Alerts: Hazard zones (over 30,000 in Europe) and traffic incidents in real-time (traffic jams, roadworks, bottlenecks, traffic status and traffic information for roads, motorways and ring roads).
  • Permanent speed limit display with alerts for exceeded limits.

Real time traffic

Enjoy real-time traffic to plan journeys for even your most familiar routes.

  • Use the green-orange-red colour coding on the maps to identify the most fluid or congested roads, as well as road closures.
  • You can also choose a route that will save wasted time in traffic jams!
  • Benefit from shared alerts and declare incidents on your day to day routes: Hazard alerts, Traffic jams, Roadworks, Accidents.

Services on your route

Because motoring is more than simply time spent behind the wheel, use our services on each journey:

  • Hotels and restaurants selected by Michelin: make your journey more than a trip, make it a discovery.
  • Carparks, service stations and more to make getting around even easier.

Happy motoring with ViaMichelin!

Download the application: