Rich and accurate: ViaMichelin traffic updates

Rich, accurate ViaMichelin traffic updates offer you extensive geographic coverage and real-time information bulletins.
Rich and accurate: ViaMichelin traffic updates
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Wherever you are, you are informed about the exact motoring conditions, second by second:

  • Green: free-flowing traffic
  • Orange: dense traffic
  • Red: traffic jams present
  • Black: closed roads

You can choose which traffic events you want to see displayed during your journey and thus get exactly the information you need.

On the ViaMichelin site: in “Traffic Info”, tick or untick the traffic events of your choice :

  • Accidents
  • Incidents
  • Bottleneck
  • Roadwork
  • Closed
  • Weather

In the ViaMichelin app: Go to the Menu, then Settings, then Alerts, to set which alerts you want displayed. In GPS mode, the events are displayed when and as they occur on your journey. You can also set a speed alert, so you will be warned when you drive over the speed limit on any given portion of road.

Now, it‘s up to you!