Make the most of our services on the open road

Pour moins de stress sur la route au moment des départs, préparez votre itinéraire avec ViaMichelin : repérez facilement où faire une pause, identifiez les arrêts sur la feuille de route que vous pouvez imprimer.
Make the most of our services on the open road

Our three-step stress-free motoring tips :

Step One : Calculate your route

  • Fill in your departure and arrival places.
  • Specify halts if you want to divide your journey into several stages.
  • Choose the route options that suit you: Michelin recommended route, quickest, shortest, most economical or sightseeing if you want to take your time along the way.
  • Also fill in your vehicle data to personalise the trip.

Step Two : Locate the services on your trip

  • Safe motoring means taking a break every two hours.
  • Identify where you can take a break: ViaMichelin indicates motorway lay-bys, service stations, carparks and restaurants along your route.

Step Three : Follow the guide

  • Print out your roadmap for step-by-step guidance on the day of departure.
  • On your smartphone, click on “Launch GPS” and you will automatically be redirected to the ViaMichelin app GPS mode.