How electric vehicles are inspiring a new generation of tires

More and more carmakers -- who will no longer be able to sell new combustion-engine vehicles in Europe from 2035 -- are working with tire manufacturers to develop more long-lasting, eco-friendly and even connected tires specifically for electric cars.
How electric vehicles are inspiring a new generation of tires
©Yamil LAGE / AFP

The latest example of this is a partnership between Hyundai and Michelin to develop and produce next-generation tires specifically for the South Korean manufacturer’s future electric vehicles. The research program will focus on developing eco-friendly tires — i.e., using more sustainable materials than is currently the case — without losing performance. The idea is to achieve 50% of the total weight of a new tire in recycled materials.

These tires are expected to be equipped with a real-time monitoring system to help advance autonomous driving technology. Micheli has already done a lot of work on this technology, which involves equipping the tire with a sensor that provides the driver with a whole range of practical information on its temperature and wear in real time.

Plus, in order to reduce the overall production of tires, the aim is to develop “all-season” tires. Volvo has already announced that all of its 100% electric vehicles will be equipped with this type of tire. As the name suggests, these tires no longer need to be changed according to seasonal weather, except in extreme conditions.

The tire of tomorrow will be durable, connected and usable in all seasons.