Home-Work trips: save time on calculating routes

60% of route searches are for journeys to and from home and work: ViaMichelin saves you time by enabling you to save both addresses in your application and on the ViaMichelin site. How does it work? Read all about it!
Home-Work trips: save time on calculating routes

If you save both addresses on ViaMichelin, you will be able to see the optimum, least congested Home-Work route in just one click.

How to fill in your Home and Work addresses on ViaMichelin?

Nothing could be simpler:

  • First make sure you are logged in to your Michelin account; if you haven’t got an account yet, create one in just a few clicks.
  • Click on ‘Route Planner’
  • When you type in the departure and/or arrival address of your route, ViaMichelin offers you the possibility of adding a Home and/or Work address: click on one of the two icons, use the search history to find the address or fill it in directly: your favourite is saved!

Once saved, your Home and Work addresses are systematically suggested as departure and/or arrival points for your next route calculations, which saves time when you consult your Home-Work travel time or any other route to or from these places.

Good to know: once you have filled in your Home and Work addresses on the application, they are automatically applied to the ViaMichelin website and vice-versa!

Calculating your daily Home-Work route has never been quicker or simpler thanks to ViaMichelin.