Father’s Day: 10 gifts for motoring fans

Stuck for ideas for Father’s Day this year? Here’s our selection of gifts that will go straight to the hearts of automobile lovers and tell your dad you love him.
Father’s Day: 10 gifts for motoring fans
©Inna Kot/iStock

Car seat cushion

This easy-to-install cushion offers continuous back support, refreshes the seat in summertime and heats it in winter. Ideal for long-distance drivers!
Car seat cushion, £24.99

Night-driving glasses

By reducing the glare of oncoming headlights when driving at night, these glasses also improve visibility in foggy, snowy and rainy conditions. Essential for safer motoring.
Night-driving glasses, £21.99

Boot organiser

Sort his boot out! Tidy freaks will love this modular boot organiser with a place for everything: tools, products, even groceries…
Boot organiser, £42.99

Travel mug

Perfect for his morning tea or coffee, this thermos mug also keeps beverages cool and is perfect in the car or simply when out and about.
Travel mug, £19.42

Magnetic mobile phone base

Este soporte magnético fácil de instalar, muy práctico y compatible con This easy-to-install magnetic base is super practical and compatible with a wide range of mobile phones, keeping the phone steady, whatever the road surface.
Magnetic mobile phone base, £14.99

Car cleaning kit

This highly practical kit contains everything he could need to wash the car, inside and out, even impossible-to-reach spots. Essential for all car proud dads.
Car cleaning kit, £16.99

Ferrari umbrella

Everyone should have an umbrella in their car. Even better, if it sports the Ferrari colours, it will be an instant hit with admirers of the legendary Italian racing car Scuderia.
Ferrari umbrella, £27.99

Porsche cap

A great gift idea for Porsche aficionados, this stylish cap features an embroidered Porsche logo.
Porsche cap, £40.12

Jaguar keyring

An inexpensive but high-impact gift – this jaguar-shaped keyring instantly brings to mind the mythical luxury automobile manufacturer.
Jaguar keyring, £14.01

Decorative vintage plate

Lovers of vintage cars and interior decoration will adore the vintage look of this high-quality, decorative, metallic plate.
Decorative vintage plate, £20.52