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Driving directions

Michelin recommended The route deemed to be the safest and simplest with minimal scope for error along the way. The default recommended route from MICHELIN.

Fastest The route likely to offer the shortest journey time to the chosen destination, favouring main roads and, in particular, highways.

Shortest The route offering the shortest distance to a destination via the most accessible roads. Journey times for this option will tend to be longer.

Sightseeing The route option for scenic roads that may have a touristic interest.

Economical The most fuel-efficient route that also avoids toll roads.

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Summary of the route

Galway – Belfast

There are 3  suggested routes

39.87 € with a vehicle
Toll 1.90 € | Petrol 37.97 €  
04h19 with 01h47 on motorways
321 km with 171 km on motorways
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