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Video: Welcome to C-Jean (Restaurant, Ghent)

Georges Rouzeau-2011-02-14

The heart of the Flemish way of life is found in its cooking. If you want proof make your way to C-Jean in the town centre, where you’ll find a refined, light cuisine.

Opposite the right flank of St. Nicolas’ church, a discreet facade hides a small soberly decorated dining room which scarcely seats twenty. On the wall hangs a huge photograph, a depiction of a very copious Last Supper which is an omen for the taste buds to have a joyful occasion here. C-Jean (an abbreviation of the previous shop sign - Chez Jean) is an association of Filip Van Thuyne in the kitchen and Jason Blanckaert in the dining room. Both are from the prestigious hotel school Ter Duinen in Koksijde, on the Belgian coast. In 2008 the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star.
Filip creates a minimalistic cuisine which is deliberately "poor" and simple yet very technical. He takes a lot of inspiration from Copenhagen’s Noma restaurant, and its chef Rene Redzepi, voted Best Chef in the world. At C-Jean, the dishes mastered with precision conjugate the elements of raw foods, touches of green, roots, a few powders, seafood and fish from the North Sea. Filip Van Thuyne’s suppliers are primarily local producers, and Belgian or Dutch farmers.
The restaurant follows an emerging tendency for several chefs in Northern Europe. For a long time young Belgians, Germans, Scandinavians and even the British looked to the Mediterranean, Spain and Ferran Adrià for their inspiration. Now they’re all looking beneath their feet to see what’s growing at home and are showing an interest in their own nation’s culinary history. After all it’s not just France that has one. Nowadays, Heston Blumenthal (at his three-starred “Fat Duck”) even uses the term "historical British cooking" to describe the cuisine at his new London restaurant.
Cataloniëstraat 3 B
9000 Gent
Tel : +32 09 223 30 40
Lunch: 35 €  Menu: 65 €/ 85 €

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