Installing ViaMichelin Navigation 3.0 by downloading the patch
The file “VMNavigation_V3-0.exe” makes it possible to upgrade the ViaMichelin Navigation software version 2.5 to that of the 3.0 version. This file takes up 18.8 MB (19,757,038 bytes).

- If an old version of MapSonic or ViaMichelin Navigation is installed on your PDA, we recommend that you uninstall it.
- Check that your PDA is properly connected to your PC. For owners of Palm OS PDAs, please perform a test synchronisation in order to check that the connection is fine and no error or file can possibly interfere with subsequent synchronisations.
- Ensure that “MapStore”, “POI Manager” or “QuickInstall” are not running on your PC, and that “MapSonic” or “ViaMichelin Navigation” are not open on your PDA - close all programmes.
- Download the file “VMNavigation_V3-0.exe” and save it on your PC in "My Documents\SAV_VMN30”. Do not save the file within the ViaMichelin directory this is by default: C:\Programme Files\ViaMichelin\MapSonic.
- Once the file “VMNavigation_V3-0.exe” has been saved on your PC, double-click on it and follow the instructions given on the screen in order to continue with the installation of the upgrade programmes on your PC and PDA.

At the end of installation, your navigation software will be updated to version 3.5.2 on your PC (MapStore) and 3.0 on your PDA (ViaMichelin Navigation).

*Installation tips
When installing the new version of our ViaMichelin Navigation software, we recommend the following procedures:
- Deactivate just for the time it takes to install the software - your anti-virus software.
- Close down all open applications on your PC.
- Empty your "TEMP" folder.
- Empty your Internet temporary files folder.

For users of Palm OS PDAs:
- Perform a test synchronisation in order to check that the connection between your PC and PDA is in good working order so that no error will interfere with installation.
- Check, by clicking the HotSync icon next to your PC clock, that only "Local USB" is ticked on the list of possible connections.
PC installation
- This is done by simply installing the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive or double-clicking on the “Setup.exe” application file:
During your installation:
- If you do not have (and/or have never installed on your PC) a PDA: the installation procedure will end without installing the software on a PDA.
- If you have one PDA type (Palm OS or Pocket PC): installation will continue according to the type of PDA installed on your PC.
- If you have both PDA types (Palm OS or Pocket PC) connected (or installed on your PC): the procedure will let you choose between the 2 PDA types.

The “Cancel” button will cancel the installation completely.
Installing ViaMichelin Navigation with a pre-programmed SD card
Depending on which solution you have bought, you can in a one simple move easily install your ViaMichelin Navigation software and the map of your country on your PDA: simply insert your SD card in your PDA and follow the step-by-step instructions which will appear automatically on your PDA screen. In just a few minutes, your navigation software is ready to operate.

To forestall any operating problem on your ViaMichelin Navigation SD card, we suggest that you take the following precautions:
- Check that your ViaMichelin Navigation SD card is not locked (in the "lock" position)
- Do not delete any of the data stored on your ViaMichelin Navigation SD card
- Do not add any additional data onto the SD card
- Do not insert your SD card into another PDA: its contents could be damaged then.
- Make sure that your PDA is fully charged